It is more than just an invitation...

It is an urge for every student to tie a tight connection so as to update regularly. Nobody is waiting for you if you choose to leg behind. If you are interested everything will be interesting depending of course of the intention you have previously had. The link to the Internet nowadays has become a must especially for students who try seek for novelties and want to really improve with time. Everything is changing very fast and if  it happens that you don't  keep up with the speed, you'll certainly be lost back in time. Be sure that the movement is so drifting that it won't allow anybody to go back to pick you up. So it is better to up yourself and follow. Your only robust vehicle in the race is perseverance.

Terms definition change very so often. Just  a few years ago illiterate people were those who cannot read and write. Do you think this definition is still valid? Everything nowadays is almost virtual including Education. Your classroom is virtual, the chalkboard is a screen, your textbook is perhaps a pdf file. Your exercise book is a word pad or a web page. Your school things are the laptop as a satchel, the keyboard as pens and pencils, your hand has become no more than a three buttons mouse. Your work is measured in bits and bytes. What do you expect after all these. I guess you and me are no more than an ID and password and we are alive only when we are logged in.

Teleconferencing, e-mail, web-cam, surf, upload, download, browser, software, hardware, search engines and others are constituting our new jargon. This Jargon itself is becoming an IP (Internet Protocol)